Integral Health | Health Readiness Self Assessment
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Health Readiness Self Assessment

Regardless of life circumstances and age, every person can benefit in many ways from being healthy. Purpose of this self assessment is to help you evaluate how ready you are to act on your health goals.

Connecting with your Motivation
1. What can you begin doing or do better if you remain healthy or are healthier?
2. Who else besides yourself will benefit from you being healthier or continue to remain healthy

Health Goal Clarity
3. What are your most important or urgent 1-2 health goals to focus on NOW?
4. What actions you are already taking to build strong foundation for your health with respect to nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management?

Supporting your pursuit
5. Besides your healthcare supporter (e.g. doctor, personal trainer, etc), who else can you rely upon for support to keep you on the healthful path?
6. How best can they support your intentions and actions?
7. How will you encourage and motivate yourself to become and stay healthy?

Readiness To Act
8. What knowledge will help you decide which action to take to improve or sustain your health?
9. What new behaviours are required to implement what you know?
10. What are the factors in your environment that will help or impede your pursuits?

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