Customer Experience

I have been with Kang on the journey towards complete well-being since Jan 2017. His approach has been very professional and structured, but yet patient and gentle. Throughout the journey, I learnt how different aspects of integral health work together holistically in a synergistic effect. Most importantly, we managed to work on my current nutritional intake, which has not been not optimized towards my health goal.

Female, mid 30s, Marketing Professional

I have become more self aware and I am happy to have embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Kang’s coaching sessions made me realized that to change the circumstances around me I must first focus on myself. This is certainly quite a departure from how I was raised to be considerate and to place others’ needs above mine. Through honest self conversations, I can better articulate my fears, hopes and emotions. I believe the experience has increased my empathy and self confidence, and it has made me a better person

Female, mid 40s, Banker

I feel so fortunate to have Kang as my personal health coach now, as I believe that I will be discovering and learning new things as part of embarking on my integrative health journey. In fact, just after the first few engagement sessions, I have gained insights into my nutrition needs  and began to make adjustments to my food intake and well as how my food is prepared. Under Kang’s guidance and coaching, I have also made small but significant changes to my exercise regime and sleep routine. I have since overcome my usual afternoon fatigue and am able to sustain high level of energy throughout the day

Female, early 50s, Entrepreneur 

I had no real idea before we started the coaching sessions what to expect from them or from myself or from you for that matter. However, I come away from every session feeling I am one step closer to understanding where I am trying to go and how I might get there. It seems such an obvious thing for someone to know who they want to be and where they want to go but I now understand that it is not clear to to most of us at all. I really feel your work with me is transformative and I appreciate it more than I can say

Male, Mid 40s, Healthcare Professional