• Holistic Wellness Blueprint
    Everyone of us has aspirations to achieve and talents awaiting enthusiastic usage. What might stop us dead in our tracks, no pun intended, could be as straight forward as what we choose to eat and how we take care of our health on a daily... [Read Moreā€¦]
  • Signpost Milestones for Optimal Health
    How do you proactively monitor important aspects of your health before it troubles you in unexpected ways? The 21 signposts for optimal health will help you and your primary healthcare provider(s) evaluate and determine where you might begin on your health journey.
  • Health Readiness Self Assessment
    The health readiness self assessment will help you make your journey easier and more pleasant to achieve a healthier self.


After 90 days of design, planning and careful execution, Integral Health was unveiled to Singapore on 2nd April 2018. 1st scheduled client consultation took place at 11.30am, and the 2nd client coming in shortly at 2pm for food sensitivity assessment. Could not have asked for a more auspicious start to the launch of the private practice.